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I’ve loved words as long as I can remember! As a kid, my favorite pastime was to lose myself in stories: listening to storytellers, reading books, imagining worlds in paintings and photographs, writing poems. Now I love to help others share their stories.


I have more than a decade of experience in newspaper editing, freelance writing, scientific journal editing, social media and website management, academic thesis editing, and nonprofit public relations. Whether I'm crafting an outreach strategy, creating new content, or editing existing material, I work to tell your unique story with accuracy and elegance.





"When I was under deadline pressure to complete my master’s thesis, Ingrid stepped in to save the day! She put in long hours on short notice, going over everything and making sure I was following my school’s requirements and using my professors’ suggestions. When I had questions about style points, she explained her rationale. She was fast and professional throughout. Later, Ingrid helped me apply for a job, and I feel like she really strengthened my resume and enabled me to put my best foot forward in the application and cover letter."

—Andrew W., Arcata, CA


"Ingrid has helped me with several projects over the years, including my master’s thesis. She cleaned up the writing and formatting and suggested areas I could expand upon. She even helped me figure out some new ways to discuss my research! Plus she went over my thesis guidelines with me, making sure we implemented them meticulously. My professors were impressed with the quality of the final product! She explains all the changes she suggests, and her comments are always clear and friendly. I especially appreciate her flexibility, speed, and ability to help with American English usage (English is not my native language). Invoicing and payment was easy. I plan to continue to use her services in the future!"

—Mia R., California


I’m a fire chief and I’ve worked with Ingrid in several capacities over many years. She has helped with letters and other materials for the fire department. She is professional and friendly. When she writes for me she is always careful to correctly include all my ideas, often over the course of several drafts. I give her my handwritten notes, we talk, and she returns a great-looking final product. She communicates with me about my projects by email, phone, and in person, and she is very flexible in scheduling.

—Ron H., Meadow Valley, CA





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