Whether to reach customers or

inform the community, does your

organization need an outreach strategy?


Do you feel like you should keep your Facebook page updated but don't have the time or expertise?


Is your written project ready for a second set of eyes?


Having a strong writer/editor/public relations professional by your side can make all the difference.

Send me an email describing your project, and we can work out the details of how I can help! I communicate openly and effectively, without judgement,

and base my rates on those published by

the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Types of projects

  • Academic theses and papers (editing)

  • Blog posts

  • Cover letters

  • English as a second language help

  • Fiction, long and short format

  • Job applications

  • Newsletters

  • Nonfiction, long and short format

  • Pamphlets

  • Press releases

  • Research

  • Resumes

  • Scientific journal articles (editing)

  • Social media posts, including tagging and photography

  • Transcription

  • Website updates

Don't see your project in this list? No problem! I'd love to hear about your endeavor. Just drop me a line.